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Fifteen years of providing the finest quality lumber and parts for cooling towers

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A Wide Selection of Top-Grade Cooling Tower Parts

Welcome to Evergreen Cooling Technologies

Since 2005, we have supplied the cooling tower industry with top-grade lumber, fiberglass, parts, fabrication, cooling tower design, and more to projects across the US, Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

We supply and fabricate cooling tower grade lumber, plywood and provide treating services.  We manufacture and supply cooling towers, components and systems to OEM specifications.

We also provide thermal performance testing, consultation and other services.

We specialize in the complete design, fabrication, and supply of intermediate-sized field-erected crossflow "series" cooling towers. For more information, click here

At ECT, we are very proud of our relationships with our vendors and suppliers, allowing us to ensure a high level of service to our partner customers.

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