Finest Quality Lumber & Plywood Available

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Top Grade Douglas Fir Lumber and Plywood

Strategically located in the heart of the douglas fir timber industry, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality lumber in the cooling tower industry. Our relationships with local mills and brokers allow us to provide top quality dimensional lumber and plywood at highly competitive pricing.

A truck with wooden planks on the back of it.

Our modern production facility is staffed with experienced fabricators, each fully empowered to reject any material as part of our quality control procedures.

A truck with several wooden structures on it.

Standard treatment is CCA Per CTI specifications utilizing our unique “fixation” process wherein the lumber is washed after treatment with hot water to assure the preservative chemicals adhesion to the wood and to remove all excess chemicals. All wood is top wrapped after dripping to provide protection in transit and storage. Alternate treatments are available.